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MeThis site is a place for me to unload all my original crazy sounds and music. Recording and mixing music is something that I have always loved doing so I wanted to share it with you… and the best part is that you may use it FREE! You may stream the songs online or download them for your own personal, or even professional use. How does it work? Again, you may use any songs or clips found on this site for FREE as long as you give the credit. If you’d like to use the song without crediting this site, simply ! A $5 donation is suggested but all donation amounts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for making this site possible!

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There are a few different ways to browse through the content found here on The All Categories page makes it possible for you to view all the content found under each category of music. You also view each category on their own page by selecting one of the categories sub-page. If you would like to browse ALL the content available, simply go to the All Music page where you will see a table full of content. This is my favorite way for me to go back and find a jam I’ve done in the past. You can filter and search through all the content, finding exactly what you need. Also, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, why not try .

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Still haven’t been able to find the exact jam you’re looking for? Why not head over to the page where you can let me know exactly what you’re looking for and I can customize a jam specifically for you. It can be a classical mix, a hard rock beat, a hip-hop groove, or really anything. If you need it, I can mix it up for you. So check out the requests page and let me know how I can help.